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Arbutus Coast, high quality survival bracelets handmade in the heart of hiking country, Vancouver Island Canada. Equipped with a flint fire starter, compass, cutting tool, whistle, 9 ft of rope, and the option of 50 ft fishing line and 2 hooks, all in one amazing survival bracelet.





The History of Survival Bracelets


Survival bracelets have been an amazing addition to survival kits, hiking, camping, hunting and fishing enthusiasts favorite accessories.  Parachute cord, also known as paracord or 550 cord was originally introduced in WW 2 for parachutes but was found useful for many other applications. The actual survival bracelet was used in the military after 911. With the ability to have approx between 9-10 feet of rope wrapped around ones wrist woven in a simple cobra weave, easily unraveled for emergency use would come in handy. The modern survival bracelets usually have a compass, whistle, cutting tool, and a flint fire starter all in one bracelet.

At we caught on to the craze and originally imported these bracelets from china, as many out there are, but found we were able to get far better quality and more variety by making our own. Not to mention being able to be creative with the design and uses of these amazing survival paracord bracelets. Weve been finding that by adding fishing line, hooks and weights, they appeal to the avid fisherman. Were currently designing some unique bracelets suited for the boating and marine industry. We use high quality 7 strand paracord, and are having fun experimenting with colour combinations, to create unique designs to meet anyones needs. We make standard sizes but if ordering, we can make to fit anyones specific wrist size. Pick a colour, any colour, or combination and we will design one just for you and your needs. Just send us a message with your wrist size and colour choice.

Ask us for the fishing version which includes fishing line, hooks and weights. We use more paracord than the average bracelet out there. We also make sure they are sealed well so they wont easily come unraveled until you want them to. Hand made here in beautiful Victoria BC , Canada. Our price includes the shipping cost

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