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Aqua Marina Vapor


On Sale until Spring 2018

Aqua Marina Vapor inflatable stand up paddle boards are made with high quality drop stitch material which can stand a pressure of 15 PSI. This board is Very durable and feels incredibly comfortable to paddle.




Aqua Marina Vapor-Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards.

Model: VAPOR 

Size: 330 x 75 x 10cm

Brand: Aqua Marina

Max load: 115kg, we suggest for users less than 85k or 190 pounds.

Includes inflation pump, carry bag, fin, rope, repair kit etc

paddle, leash and seat are optional


Choose from these Five different sets:

Set A) Aqua Marina Vapor board + pump + carry bag +Fins

Set B) Aqua Marina Vapor board +pump +carry bag +Fins +Regular Aluminium Paddle

Set C) Aqua Marina Vapor board +pump +carry bag +Fins +Regular Aluminium Paddle +Leg Leash

Set D) Aqua Marina Vapor board+pump+carry bag+Fins+Regular Aluminium Paddle+Seat

Set E) Aqua Marina Vapor board+pump+carry bag+Fins+Regular Aluminium Paddle+Leg Leash+Seat

Set F) Aqua Marina Vapor board+pump+carry bag+Fins+Aluminum STANDARD Paddle+Leg Leash+Seat

Set G) Aqua Marina Vapor board+pump+carry bag+Fins+Carbon GUIDE Paddle+Leg Leash+Seat

Set H) Aqua Marina Vapor board+pump+carry bag+Fins+Carbon PRO Paddle+Leg Leash+Seat

Do you want a stand up paddle board with a direction pedal ? Follow this link to another great Aqua Marina board with a direction pedal.  A great way to make turning a bit easier. Or how about an electric fin.

So whats the advantage of an inflatable SUP ? Want to save on space? If you’re traveling and need to save space in your car , carrying your board by bike, bus, train, plane, or hiking a distance to the water, either way inflatable is where it’s at. Easy storage as well is a bonus. With a pump and bag it all adds up to the size of a small backpack. They are made to be very durable and feel much like a real wood board as far as hardness due to the high PSI and materials. And the lower cost is a benefit of course.

Check out our Bamboo Paddle boards here.

Why Bamboo?

Stand up paddle boards have become very popular over the last few years. Its a sport that’s close to our hearts here at  Not unlike Kayaking it can be what you make it. Either a peaceful relaxing day on the water or a great workout. Keep an eye out for our own Arbutus Coast brand SUP boards next spring.

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